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Benjamin Drew
Founder and Director of Innovation & Skills

All About Me

From humble beginnings living in the black country, Ben knew from an early age his life would be supporting others to achieve their potential.


From an early sales career, Ben transitioned into residential care supporting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. This experience outlined the importance of an individual’s life journey and how it can be shaped into a positive focus with the right support.

From there Ben has spent a decade working in learning & development, playing an integral role in supporting with some of the UK’s largest household names. Predominately shaping apprenticeship strategies and delivery programmes, Ben however, developed an in-depth knowledge & skillset across all funding streams.

With a naturally inquisitive mind Ben has found himself looking to push the ‘norm’ in terms of learnt delivery, constantly looking for more engaging platforms, resources & tutors to impart material.

Establishing The Strive Group has enabled Ben to create environments where everybody can thrive and achieve their potential. Working together can enable us to develop inclusive workplaces that will see both organisations and its employees flourish.

Ben lives in Worcestershire, with his partner Louise and daughter. A competitive sportsman and aspiring adventurer.


07867 122602



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