The Engagement Tree

A collaboration between the founders of The Strive Group & Northern Powerhouse Consulting, born out of the COVID 19 lockdown, The Engagement Tree was created to offer network of support for both organisations and individuals at this difficult time.

Evaluation of your organisations strengths & development
areas to achieve a transparent Inclusive Workplace

Our support is action orientated – A unique approach embedding training, coaching & expert consultancy throughout.

Providing instant solution-based results & ongoing support. We formulate a bespoke strategy to address the development areas to help organisations maximise their reputation as an inclusive employer, to attract & retain the widest pool of talent.





What can S2I Accreditation achieve for your organisation?

  • Invest in your people & they will invest in you

  • Be a Market Leader – Enhance your brand reputation

  • Become the employer of choice in market

  • Increase retention – Save on cost to rehire

  • Drive diversity of thought

  • Create an honest and open culture

  • Create inclusive progression pathways which don’t favour those who shout loudest

Strive 2 Inclusion.jpeg