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Mathematics: Unleashing the Power of Numbers, One Solution at a Time

Discover the transformative journey with our Functional Skills Maths qualification tailored for adults. Unleash your mathematical potential to thrive in both professional pursuits and everyday scenarios. There are 5 different Functional Skills Maths levels available with the highest being Level 2, equivalent to a GCSE grade (C/4.) Your path to mathematical excellence has never been clearer.

Our dynamic course embraces the power of real-life examples, making learning an engaging and practical experience. If you prefer understanding maths through hands-on applications, this course is crafted just for you. Elevate your career prospects by achieving a Level 2 maths qualification, opening doors to a myriad of job opportunities. Your journey to success starts with mastering the language of numbers. Enroll now and shape a brighter future with confidence

This course is nationally accredited! It has been quality-checked by an external awarding body to ensure you get the best possible results.

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