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Evaluation of your organisations strengths & development
areas to achieve a transparent Inclusive Workplace

Our support is action orientated – A unique approach embedding training, coaching & expert consultancy throughout.

Providing instant solution-based results & ongoing support. We formulate a bespoke strategy to address the development areas to help organisations maximise their reputation as an inclusive employer, to attract & retain the widest pool of talent.

What can S2I Accreditation achieve for your organisation?

  • Invest in your people & they will invest in you

  • Be a Market Leader – Enhance your brand reputation

  • Become the employer of choice in market

  • Increase retention – Save on cost to rehire

  • Drive diversity of thought

  • Create an honest and open culture

  • Create inclusive progression pathways which don’t favour those who shout loudest

HR Support

Implement strategies and processes to enable your existing & future talent to have the opportunity to effectively perform, be recognised & equally & fairly rewarded Documentation

Organisational Growth

Supporting organisations to shape both their internal and external brand perception, through language, positioning and communication.

Retention & Progress Paths

Exploring leadership engagement to ensure inclusive direction. Analyse existing progression pathways and implement progressive opportunities to change

Inclusive Leadership

Does your organisation drive an inclusive culture from the top? Embedding an inclusive culture begins with your business leaders, our expert team work diligently to effect change.

Coaching & Mentoring

Developing your internal teams from future leaders to Board level through bespoke one-to-one & classroom based delivery

Oppurtunities for Growth

Promotion, positions of responsibility & opportunities to undertake projects outside of your employees day to day roles should be equally available to all. We will review such opportunities for growth & change to ensure every individual in your organisation has the same opportunity to achieve

Recruitment & Selection

An intensive review of existing methods of recruitment & selection, inclusive of attraction strategies, selection & assessment processes, onboarding and supply chain management

Mental Wellbeing

Evaluate existing approaches to Wellbeing & Mental Health support & Reasonable Adjustments in the workplace, recommending & implementing support where required

Training & Development

Improved employee performance & morale, creating the knowledge & skills required to enhance innovation for new strategies & approaches

Our Approach

Creating Change – Why is our approach different?

A fast, dynamic and cost-effective method of surfacing both challenges and opportunities specific to the organisation. Remove blanket approaches to creating an inclusive workplace whilst addressing those areas that will create the most hard hitting impact to your organisation.

S2I Accreditation engages the key decision-makers from the outset, generating buy-in, creating ownership and developing commitment.

An action orientated approach. Our expert team will identify challenges or opportunities to make recommendations for change. This approach creates instant, positive change whilst stripping out adverse impact at each stage of our support.

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