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The Strive Group Traineeship


The Strive Group traineeship is a focused 8-week programme - 4 weeks of learning and 4 weeks of work placement Offering 100% progression opportunities achieving tangible and positive outcomes. The Strive Group programmes are delivered at no cost to learners or  the employers 


Our Mission

We strive to help those who have not been presented with the opportunities they deserve.


Through our traineeships, our goal is to give them the chance to fulfil their potential by helping to open doors they did not know existed


The digital world and job market rely on creative minds that can commit themselves and flourish.

It relishes talent and struggles to define what it is looking for.


It is up to you to show them what and who they are missing out on!


  • Digital Graphics

  • Editing Sound

  •  Audio Produciton

  • Project Management

  • Product Development

  • Problem Solving Customer

  • Care Leading Teams


Career opportunities in-

  • Content Creation & Design. 

  • Games Development. 

  • Social Media/Marketing. 

  • Cyber Security


  • 19-24

  • Unemployed (Or work less than 16 hours per week)

  • DOES NOT have higher than a level 3 qualification (above A-level or equivalent).

When? & Where

Mon- Fri 10am-4pm Jan 2023

8 week programme

London & Remote

Interested? Of course you are!

If you are interested in finding out more and getting involved then click the button below!

This will take you to our registration form where will ask for a few of your details so we can get back in touch and arrange for you to either attend an open day or a 1-1 session to find ou tmore about the traineeship and get you started!

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