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Recruitment that includes everyone and draws applicants in from the widest pool of talent:

  • Removes any barriers in the recruitment process that may restrict or deter applicants from applying roles.

  • Engaging applicants by reaching outside your existing networks and through our inclusive partners.

  • Review criteria within job descriptions and job adverts to help open up the attraction pool.

  • Ensuring assessment methods are based entirely on the job role - consistent & objective processes.

  • Create a level playing field for all our candidates who may be overlooked within more traditional recruitment processes


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Our Inclusive Recruitment Experience

Our team holds 20+ years expertise within inclusive recruitment; working across a multitude of sectors on a national & global basis. Our client base includes organisations ranging from SME’s to FTSE 100.

Our specialist team are trained in diversity and inclusion and work with our clients to understand where they are starting out on their inclusion journey. We consider an organisation’s external perception and accessibility, through market research & website and represent their brand as an inclusive employer throughout our recruitment process

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Proven business benefits of inclusive recruitment

  • Combats industry skills shortages from untapped talent pools

  • Provides financial return on investment – Does not cost more & reduces cost of attrition & rehire

  • Ensures the right person gets the job – Attraction & assessment strategies are based on the criteria for the job

  • Creates diversity of thought

  • Embeds an innovative and inclusive culture

  • Addresses under-represented groups

  • Increases productivity

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Strive 2 Recruit revolves entirely around the candidates journey

Strive2Recruit own the candidate journey throughout, from engagement to onboarding. We ensure all barriers are removed to give every candidate the same opportunity to succeed on a level playing field.

Candidates who may be overlooked by a more generalised and traditional approach to recruitment, are supported by our expert team allowing them to shine and feel empowered throughout the process.